D-Link N300 4G LTE Router Dwr-m920

2.4GHz up to 300Mbps
• LTE Downlink: Up to 150Mbps
• LTE Uplink: Up to 50Mbps
• 3 x 10/100Mbps LAN




High-Speed, Flexible Mobile Broadband with Failover

D-Link’s DWR-M920 4G LTE Router allows you to access and share your 4G LTE mobile broadband connection. Once connected, you can transfer data, stream media, and send SMS messages. Simply insert your SIM/USIM card and share your 4G LTE Internet connection through a high-speed wireless network or any of the three Ethernet ports.

The DWR-M920 has options for both wired broadband internet via the built-in WAN port and wireless 3G/4G broadband using a SIM card. It also supports failover where when wired broadband is down, it will auto switch to mobile broadband, providing you an interrupt free Internet experience.

The DWR-M920 has an in-built VPN client where you can establish a secure tunnel back to your office VPN server without the need to install clients on your devices. It provides a secure encrypted tunnel to better protect all your work-related sensitive information.

The DWR-M920 utilizes dual-active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks across the Internet. WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption keeps your wireless network secure and your traffic safe, allowing you to securely share your 3G/4G connection without worrying about unauthorized users accessing your network.

Set up your network in minutes; the DWR-M920 comes equipped with an easy-to-follow setup wizard to get you up and running right away. Older wireless devices such as 802.11g/b clients are compatible with the 4G LTE Router, helping you get started without issues.

This router is great for situations where an impromptu wireless network must be set up, or wherever conventional network access is unavailable.

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