High Quality Cat 6 Patch Cord – 10m

  • As streaming video and multimedia over LAN are gaining popularity, users demand faster data
  • transmission
  • reduced waiting time
  • D-Link cables are ideal for simple, cost-effective




Colour White

Seamless Internet Connectivity

Gain rapid and hassle-free internet connectivity on your devices with the CAT-6 P CORD (10M). The compliance with the Cat6 specification of this CAT-6 P CORD allows for up to 1Gbps/1000 Mbps data transfer rate so that your video streaming, online gaming and business conferencing are smoothly conducted. The CAT-6 P CORD conforms to the 1000Base-T Ethernet standard that increases its potential and efficiency for wired internet connection. You can finish your personal or professional tasks involving extensive use of internet without any trouble as the CAT-6 P CORD enables fluid data transmission capabilities on your desktop or notebook computers and printers.

Shock Proof and Future Proof
The high dielectric withstanding voltage of 500V AC of the CAT-6 P CORD testifies of its sufficient insulation mechanism that keeps it safeguarded in the event of electrical surges and shocks. Powered via Ethernet, this CAT-6 P CORD runs on and on continuously and does not require any special power supply through chargers or adaptors. The CAT-6 P CORD is also capable to withstand the test of time on account of its futuristic Cat6 specification meaning you can rest assured about a fast data transfer rate for long term. The phosphor bronze blade of this CAT-6 P CORD enhances its resistance against corrosion, friction and wear while also providing it strength and stiffness. There will be less expenditure incurred on maintenance and replacement due to this future-proof potential and the phosphor bronze contact blade.

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